Although it’s not exactly traditional computing these days, there are still an impressive set of advantages meant strictly for computer users conforming to their own systems.  After all, if you had a successful system for a particular gambling game, why wouldn’t you use it ?  So how many of you remember the days of DOS ?  What exactly is evoked in your imagination when you think of that word ?  Did you find that black window comforting or annoying ?  Did you enjoy using it as a command interface ?  Is it too much to ask if you associated the ‘DOS’ with ‘door’ or perhaps the number two ?  Although few of us use DOS in the same way it was once used, my proposition is that if you are a solitary computer user / operator, yes you can still feel as even as that Spanish word implies.  Yes you can feel together enough to welcome visitors at your door.  And yes you can feel the advantages of a command interface.  Only this command interface is meant entirely for your own mind.  The app is called Optimist and it can deliver automatic psychological evaluation on demand.

Install the latest version of Optimist on your Windows machine and improve your system immediately.  Benefit from a 14 day risk free trial period with full functionality.  Find a place for Optimist in your system and modify the combined focus to include a more intuitive, balanced and relaxed environment while working on your Windows machine. For best results, unzip, run the install file as normal and when the Setup Type dialogue displays, select ‘Typical’.

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